Distinguished Cooperator Award

2022 Distinguished Cooperators

2022 Recipients (l-r): Larry Williams, Gale Cutler and Bill Verner.

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The Georgia Cooperative Council’s Distinguished Cooperator award recognizes and honors individuals for their outstanding achievement and service to the cooperative movement.
Awards are presented each year at the Council’s annual meeting.

Criteria for Selecting Georgia Distinguished Cooperators

  1. Nominee must have been outstanding in one or more fields of cooperative endeavor and affecting many people.
  2. Nominee should have already performed their services, mostly in Georgia. However, Georgia natives performing national services of importance to Georgia may be selected.
  3. Nominees may have served as a cooperative member, member of the board of directors of their local cooperative(s), cooperative employee or any person who has contributed to the development of cooperatives in Georgia. Nominees must have performed outstanding service of value to Georgia cooperatives.
  4. Nominees must be living and hopefully able to attend the annual meeting.
  5. Nominations must be accompanied by a list of accomplishments supporting the nomination.
  6. Nominees need not have performed their work for or with the organization making the nomination.
  7. If desired, an organization may nominate more than one person.
  8. Nominations should come from Council members. However, nominations may come from other organizations’, state and federal agricultural agencies and from the selection committee.
  9. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final.
  10. Periodically, the Council will also select additional outstanding cooperators to be honored.

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